Alaska's Rebellion: Operation Polaris: The Second Civil War by George Siter

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  • March 21, 2017
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By George Siter

"But whilst a protracted educate of abuses and usurpations, pursuing perpetually a similar item evinces a layout to lessen them below absolute Despotism, it truly is their correct, it truly is their accountability, to throw off such executive and to supply new Guards for his or her destiny security." (Declaration of Independence) Alaska and different States have a tremendous federal footprint and the survival of Alaska depends on resources from those federal lands. President Obundu and Congress refuse to unlock those lands for Alaska's exploitation and survival. Retired basic Wade Madison, governor of Alaska and his lifelong blood brother Retired normal Pat cause have devised a posh and dicy plan to withdraw Alaska from the Union, via strength if invaluable and whilst trap many US army resources, body of workers and nuclear apparatus. Their lives and careers are in nice possibility. If their plan fails significant retribution will encounter them and their co-conspirators. Can they pull it off?

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